Covid-19, Cleaning and Cancellation Information

Updated 15 September 2020

The open space at Home Farm Cranmer and Cranmer Country Cottages make it ideal for a safe family break. Off the beaten track and surrounded by 175 acres of farmland there is plenty of space for everyone.  We’re looking forward to welcoming our visitors back to this special corner of Norfolk.

It is important that we are able to provide a safe environment for you to relax and enjoy your stay. We also have to protect our housekeeping team.

Cranmer Country Cottages is a member of the Professional Association of Self-Caterers and also Visit England Both trade organisations have worked closely to develop a strict Cleaning Protocols for Self-Catering Properties.  


Single household / multi-household arrivals

Regulation change on 14 September 2020 means that we cannot accept groups larger than 6 people from a maximum of two households (children under the age of 12 included).  We will contact you to ensure that your group complies with these rules. 


Flexible cancellation terms

We are protected by Master Cancel which removes the stress and worry from booking your holiday. You can cancel up to and including 2 days before the check-in date. Master Cancel’s flexible terms & conditions allow you to book with confidence, knowing that if you cancel for unforeseen circumstances (including Covid or lockdown), we will refund you in full.  If you need to cancel your stay at Cranmer Country Cottages please contact us in writing.


Risk Assessment

  • In line with the agreed guidelines we have conducted a detailed Risk Assessment to ensure the safety of our guests and staff.
  • We will continually review our Risk Assessment to take into account any changes in guidelines or legislation.
  • A copy of our current Risk Assessment is available on request.

Cleaning protocols

  • The housekeeping team have all completed training in Covid-19 Holiday Let Cleaning Protocols
  • Where appropriate we are using hospital grade Virucide disinfectants that comply with EN 14675.
  • The housekeeping team wear appropriate PPE and follow our strict cleaning checklist and protocol.
  • Our cleaning is managed in-house. We will check the properties prior to your arrival – we do not just leave it to remote cleaning agencies.
  • We provide appropriate cleaning materials and disinfectants within the property for you to clean as you go.
  • Please contact us if you require any further information with regard to our covid-19 cleaning policy.


Arrival and Departure

Our arrival & departure times have been revised to allow for additional deep cleaning and sanitisation between guests.

Arrival to site is strictly from 5.00pm* and departure is 9.00am*.  Please contact us 24 hours before you are due to stay and advise us of your anticipated arrival time.

*If your stay is outside of peak season and we are not fully booked we may be able to accommodate you from 4.00pm.  Please email or text us on your arrival day and we will advise you if this is possible.  Likewise, out of peak season we might be able to offer you a 10.00am checkout, subject to our cleaning arrangements.  Please contact us 24 hours before you are due to check out for confirmation.  Any changes to the normal arrangements must be confirmed by us to you in writing.


Your arrival

You are welcome to arrive any time from 5.00pm*. You will not be given access to the cottage before 5pm unless a special arrangement has been agreed in writing in advance. The cleaning we undertake is a 2-step process; the cleaning step is as normal but then we go through the whole house again disinfecting. This takes us extra time and we ask for your help in not arriving early.

You will have a no-contact check-in and check-out process.  All of the relevant access information will be sent to you in advance and you will be able to access your property without direct contact with us.

We do like to personally welcome all of our guests to ensure that you are comfortable in the property and settled in happily for your stay.  At Cranmer we have plenty of space and will be able to meet and speak with you from a safe distance. We are around between 5.00pm & 6.00pm on a Friday and Monday. If you need anything during your stay, we are just a phone call or email away.

Your departure

This shortlist of simple actions taken before your departure will help us enormously. We ask you to:

  • Leave before 9.00am prompt. No excuses!
  • Remove linen from used beds and bag the linen in the clear bags provided, including mattress protectors and pillow protectors. Towels to be bagged separately in the coloured bags.
  • Open windows in every room.
  • Run the dishwasher at 60 degrees with all crockery, cutlery, glasses and utensils that will fit. Don’t open or empty the dishwasher at the end of the cycle – we need the completed state of the cycle to be evident.
  • Bag all rubbish and place in the waste & recycling area as labelled. Take your own food items home at the end of your stay.
  • Lock the door and put the key in the keybox.


Helping you plan

For information for all things open in Norfolk please visit  


Localised lockdown areas

If your postcode has been included in a localised lockdown at the time you are due to arrive for your holiday, you will not be permitted to travel and we will not be permitted to provide your accommodation. If this affects you then please contact us immediately


Your Commitment to us 

Please observe the current rule of 6 and ensure your booking numbers comply with the rules. 

It is imperative that you do not travel if you, or any of your party are showing symptoms of COVID-19, or have been in contact with someone suffering from COVID-19 with 14 days of check-in.

Please read and familiarise yourself and your party with the following public health and government information: , including physical distancing measures and advice for infected households. 

If you or a member of your party develop symptoms of COVID-19 during your stay or within 14 days of your return home you must inform us immediately. 

If you or a member of your party test positive or develop symptoms during your stay. Call 111 online Coronavirus service or 

UK Government Guidance states that you should stay indoors and self-isolate. Immediately book a test through  using your holiday address or, if you can’t get online, call 119. 

If your test is positive you must inform us.

If you are well enough to travel you should return home and self-isolate in accordance with current Government guidance.

If you are unwell and cannot return home, you will be expected to pay all costs for extending your stay. We recommend you take out travel insurance.

Test & Trace is England’s approach to preventing the spread of coronavirus in the community.

If you test positive or develop symptoms during your stay

If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 during your stay you must inform us immediately.  If you are well enough to travel you should return home and self-isolate in accordance with current Government guidance.​ If you are feeling unwell, please check your symptoms  here​

COVID19 – Guest FAQ’s

Click here for GENERAL FAQs

We have put measures in place to ensure you can have a safe and enjoyable holiday, to read more about this, visit our Covid-19 page. Furthermore, you can book without worrying about what may happen in the event of further restrictions Book with confidence

You can find the answers to other Frequently Asked Questions below:

Will it be safe to stay in your cottages?

We’re taking extra measures to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable stay see our Safety-First info.

What happens if there is another lockdown? Or if I have to cancel due to coronavirus?

We are protected by Master Cancel which removes the stress and worry from booking your holiday. You can cancel up to and including 2 days before the check-in date. Master Cancel’s flexible terms & conditions allow you to book with confidence, knowing that if you cancel for unforeseen circumstances (including Covid or lockdown), we will refund you in full.  If you need to cancel your stay at Cranmer Country Cottages please contact us in writing.


What can I expect when I arrive at the property?

The key will have been left in the key-box and the security code sent to you. All beds will be made with freshly laundered linen, mattress, duvet and pillow protectors. Towels will be available for use in the bathrooms. You will find crockery, cutlery and glasses in the dishwasher – they will have been washed on 60 degrees setting and sterilised for your use. The amount of crockery and cutlery we provide has been reduced to allow us to run everything through the dishwasher or wash by hand. All pans and cooking utensils will have been washed in hot soapy water. High touch items, décor cushions throw’s etc have been removed.  The property will have been thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and misted using Covid-guard. 


Is there any flexibility whatsoever on check-in, check-out time?

We are sorry check out is strictly by 9.00am and arrival strictly after 5.00pm.

We do understand that many of our guests have young children, however, this is part of our Health & Safety Covid-19 protocols. We require extra time to complete a double clean and sanitisation of the property between guests. Guests are not permitted to enter the cottage if staff are still cleaning or if the cleaning process has not been completed. We will not permit guests to site before 5.00pm.  We do not have a shared emergency toilet on site.

Can I have visitors to my cottage?

Sorry at this time no, only guests who are registered with us are permitted on site. We are required to collect names and telephone numbers of everybody working or staying on site. We are conscious that we have a responsibility to all of our guests to restrict the numbers of people coming and going on site.

Can I book 2 neighbouring cottages and socialise with friends outside during the new Rule of 6?

Sorry we cannot permit socialising between cottages or overnight stays of more than 2 households of max 6 people per group in our properties under the current rules. Therefore, Owl’s Roost, Swallows Nest, The Eco barn or End Cottage cannot be booked for this purpose.  Please do not ask us to unlock the communicating doors once you arrive as this will be out- side of the legal rules & restrictions. Our normal group bookings will be resumed once the rules are lifted.


Is the shared play area open?

The shared play area is open and we ask guests to follow the current social distancing rules when using the space. Each cottage has its own private fenced garden area.  Please supervise young children when they are playing outside.

Is the pool open?

Our pool opened on July 25.  We have been heating & circulating the water in our pool throughout lockdown, to maintain safe water quality.

How will the pool be managed once you are allowed to open? 

Guests will have access to the pool between 7.00am – 7.30pm during peak season. The timetable will be reviewed from mid-September when we offer short breaks.​ Guests will be allocated private swim slots on a rotational basis. We will ask guests to adopt a beach style ‘turn up and swim’ or arriving ready to swim. The changing rooms will be closed and we will ask you change in your cottage and leave your shoes inside the pool lobby. Allocated pool times cannot be shared with other households. The pool will be closed on a Friday for deep cleaning. It will not be available either side of arrival or departure.  Guests who are staying for two weeks will be allocated a swim time during the day.

Can I change my allocated swim time?

The pool timetable has been designed to ensure that every cottage has a combination of popular times and less popular times.  To be fair to everyone it is not possible to swap the times around. If we are not fully booked during your stay, we can look at allocating the unused times, however we will not be able to do this until 24 hours prior to your arrival.


When will the games room be open?

We hope to open our games room for October 2020. We will provide table tennis and pool facilities.  We have removed children’s toys and books for hygiene reasons.

The games room will be available on a first come first basis with access restricted to a single cottage/booked group. Use will be limited to 1 hour unless there is no one waiting to use the facility.

Please bring your own table tennis bats and balls.

What if I arrive early or cleaning is not completed?

Please do to arrive to site before 5.00pm. You will be asked to remain in your car whist cleaning is completed and our team have left the property.  Sorry, we cannot provide emergency bathroom facilities.

How will I find my cottage?

You will have been sent a map of our site clearly showing the location of our cottages, car parking and facilities.  Please stick to your allocated areas unless accessing the facilities.  Please exercise social distancing when coming and going from the site for everyone’s safety and security.

What will I need to bring for my stay?

We provide a starter housekeeping box. However, you will need additional supplies as you would use at home.  We will not leave anything in the cottage from a previous guest stay or any shared use items.

  • Please bring face masks, PPE that you would use at home and when out and about.
  • Please bring black rubbish sacks for the disposal of your household waste: paper towels, gloves, masks etc wipes, nappies etc. Additional toilet rolls, disposable gloves, hand sanitser, handwash, soap antibac wipes etc. tin foil, kitchen roll. Please do not bring bleach as we have a septic tank system. Zoflora multi use disinfectant and Milton are safe and effective to use.
  • We provide guests with a multi-purpose cleaner from Delphis Eco and some Zoflora disinfectant along with paper towels and washable cloths.
  • Household food staples: milk, tea, coffee, salt & pepper, olive oil spices etc. Bottled water for infants under 6 months.
  • Tennis racquets & balls.
  • For the pool please bring slides, crocs or flip flops to wear to and from your cottage and leave outside the door to the pool. A dressing gown or wrap to wear over your costume for a ‘beach style turn up and swim’ Towels for use in the pool. Splash- About Happy Nappy Swim Nappy neoprene nappies for infants and young toddlers. Available from Amazon.
  • Baby change mat, mattress for travel cot – Red Kite sleeptight size 95 x 64 cm, cot bedding.
  • Children’s books, toys, DVD’s.

What baby/child items will still be available in the cottage?  

All supplementary high touch items have been removed including board games, toys and baby equipment.  We will provide a Red Kite travel cot and high chair, however we will not be able to provide a supplementary cot mattress. (Our red kite travel cot takes a mattress size of 94 x 64cm). We will provide some plastic crockery & cutlery which will go through the dishwasher. We will provide a bath mat on request.


Are there local places open for refreshment and facilities close by?

local café and farm shop 25 mins away


What happens if I, or a member of my party falls ill and we have to self-isolate at the property?

People staying in accommodation that have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19)

If anyone in your party is displaying signs of the coronavirus (COVID-19) virus while staying at Cranmer Country Cottages you should inform Lynne & John Johnson immediately, self-isolate where you are to minimise any risk of transmission, and request a test. If you are confirmed to have coronavirus (COVID-19), you should return home if you reasonably can. You should only drive if you can do so safely. If you cannot reasonably return home (for example because they are not well enough to travel or do not have the means to arrange transport), your circumstances should be discussed with an appropriate health care professional and, if necessary, the local authority.

We will discuss next steps with you as soon as possible. If you are unable to return home you would have to arrange food deliveries to bring food to your cottage and you should clean your own rooms and strip your own beds.  All guests in the property must remain in isolation and not come into contact with staff or other guests.  Children must be kept indoors away from other guests.

You will be expected to pay all costs for the additional dates of your stay, and any forward bookings cancelled due to your occupancy, including 72 hours for the cottage to remain empty after your departure. We will charge for a professional deep clean and any bedding items which need to be destroyed.

Guests should follow government {guidance on dealing with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection]



Once the guest and their family or group has finished the required self-isolation period and is no longer symptomatic, they should return to their main residence and continue to follow the government guidance on self-isolationhousehold isolation and social distancing.


Where can I find out more information about Coronavirus?

To find out more about Coronavirus and read the most recent advice from our Government, we would advise you to visit:

Click here for more FAQs

Swimming pool

Please contact us for the most recent pool timetable. The times may be subject to change depending on whether your stay is during peak season or out of season.  Please find the most recent timetable here

We will email the current timetable before your stay to help you plan your activities.

Please exit the building directly after your 1 hour swim.

Follow social distancing guidelines in and around the pool at all times.

Shower and change in your cottage

Keep to the timetable to make pool use fair to all guests.

Observe the pool rules.

Pool timetable (off-peak)

Pool timetable (mid-season)

Available for booking arrival dates after August 01 2020

Bookings at Cranmer are cancellation protected

Booking are Cranmer Country Cottages are protected by Master Cancel which means you can cancel up to and including 2 days before the check in date. Master Cancel’s flexible terms & conditions remove the stress and worry from booking your holiday – if you cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be refunded in full.

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