Your safety is our priority

At Cranmer Country cottages looking after the health and safety of our guests has always been important to us. We have always managed our own in-house housekeeping team and used regular contractors. In the current situation any ‘normal’ cleaning procedures will simply not be enough to control the spread of Coronavirus. So, we will continue to review our usual procedures and create guidelines and provide information and equipment for our housekeeping team to help reduce the risks at our properties wherever possible to give your peace of mind to help you to relax and enjoy your stay

Taking Advice

Whilst we have always been hot on house-keeping, we have reviewed our risk assessments and are following cleaning and sanitisation procedures as advised by PASC (the Professional Association of Self Caterers) and Visit Britain. We are approved as “Good to Go” and rated Covid Confident with the AA.

What it means in practice 

We have issued our cleaning team with an enhanced set of cleaning guidance. This includes the following, and much more:

  • Allowing additional time for the cleaning to take place. This does mean that we need to ask our guests to check in later (at 5pm), and check out earlier (at 9am), but we hope you understand that it is for the safety of you, and our housekeepers.
  • Providing housekeepers with the appropriate PPE for cleaning the property. We have also advised on the correct and safe protocol for keeping their equipment safe.
  • Taking high-risk/high-touch items out of properties. This includes items such as toys, books, board games and DVDs.
  • Deploying extra hygiene measures, such as cleaning and disinfecting high contact areas of a property, such a door handles and light switches.
  • 2- step cleaning process – forensic clean and sanitisation of properties using Ecolabel approved cleaning products and virucidal spray rated at EN14476 or EN14776+A2:2019
  • If the property has been infected with Covid19 we will leave at least 72hours before cleaning and accepting new arrivals.
  • We have been approved as Good to Go by Visit England and Covid Secure by AA quality inspection Services.

We’re all in this together

Before your holiday, we’ll send you some helpful information about how you can help lower the transmission of Covid-19 whilst on your break. There’s nothing too disruptive in there, just simple measures like washing your hands each time you enter or leave the property and bagging up your bed linen before you leave. There’s also information with regard to our guidelines for using our on-site shared facilities.


Minimising risk 

Even with all the measures that are being taken, we cannot 100% guarantee that your property will be Covid-free. We can assure you that the risk of contagion in any one of our properties is very low – much lower, for example, than visiting a shop or supermarket. At this time we are not permitting our guests to have additional visitors to their rental property or to our site.

Watching and learning 

As we’re sure you’ll be aware, new research is being conducted all of the time, and this can often prompt a change in Government guidance. We will, of course, keep up to date with the latest information and adapt our approach appropriately. In addition, we will listen to first-hand feedback from our guests and housekeepers and do whatever we can to safely meet everyone’s needs


For the safety of our other guests, staff and our own household we respectfully ask that people take responsibility for their own health and the health of our community before arriving at Cranmer Country Cottages.  Please do not arrive if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have any underlying health conditions that may put you at risk.  If you are vulnerable in any way, it is your responsibility to make the right choice for yourself and others around you.  Please follow the advice given at

If you have been contacted via Track and Trace or you have been in contact with a person who has Coronavirus please stay at home. We will refund your monies or move your booking to a future date depending on your situation.  Please help to keep everyone safe.


People staying in our accommodation that have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19)

If anyone in a guests’ party is displaying signs of the coronavirus (COVID-19)  while staying at Cranmer Country Cottages they should inform Lynne & John Johnson immediately, self-isolate where they are to minimise any risk of transmission, and request a test. If they are confirmed to have coronavirus (COVID-19), they and their family or group should return home. The driver can only drive if they are able to do so safely. If guests cannot reasonably return home (for example because they are not well enough to travel, or the driver is not well enough), their circumstances should be discussed with an appropriate health care professional and, if necessary, the local authority – North Norfolk District Council.

We will discuss next steps with guests in this situation as soon as possible. If a guest and their family or group are unable to return home as we provide self-catering accommodation, we would not be able to provide onsite care or support services.  Guests would be required to arrange food deliveries and they should clean their own rooms and strip their own beds keeping the laundry in the property unless a bodily spill kit has been used.  In this situation guests from an infected household would not be permitted to use the shared laundry. All guests in the property must remain in isolation and not come into contact with staff or other guests.  Children must be kept indoors away from other guests.

You will be expected to pay all costs for the additional dates of your stay, and any forward bookings cancelled due to your occupancy or cleaning of the property, including 72 hours for the cottage to remain empty after your departure. We will also charge for a professional deep clean and any bedding items which need to be destroyed.

Guests should follow government {guidance on dealing with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection]

Once the guest and their family has finished the required self-isolation period and is no longer symptomatic, they should return to their main residence and continue to follow the government guidance on self-isolationhousehold isolation and social distancing

Please see the Attachment – how to spot the symptoms of Coronavirus.

Available for booking arrival dates after August 01 2020

Bookings at Cranmer are cancellation protected

Booking are Cranmer Country Cottages are protected by Master Cancel which means you can cancel up to and including 2 days before the check in date. Master Cancel’s flexible terms & conditions remove the stress and worry from booking your holiday – if you cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be refunded in full.

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